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Saving money is the name of the game nowadays. Everywhere we look, folks are having to make hard choices with the money they earn and in the phone sex industry, like any other business model, this need for real cheap phone sex is as relevant as ever.

Indeed, if there was one thing on our customers wish list, it was definately to try and offer calls that were cheaper, without any compromise on the quality of our service.

They loved our girls but if they could have sex by phone for less money, then how great would that be?

And thud, we are delighted to be able to offer truly CHEAP PHONE SEX.

Now we realize that cheap sometimes mean one thing to the phone service company and something entirely different to you, the caller but if you have had sex by phone before, then you will have seen these so caller "cheap" offers advertised with gusto on some websites. (No need to name them, you know which ones they are)

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$1.69 per minute and your fourth call is FREE!

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  • US and Canada: 1-888-221-7287

And if you are calling from the UK, we have you covered as well!

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